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Licensing Contracts for Artists


The only limit is your imagination, and there are many ways to monetize your art beyond licensing. So if you can see the potential of cross-markets for your work, you can also see the potential for license revenue in your mailbox. You can do this in different ways. From a single-use license for a one-time event to ongoing agreements with manufacturers running multiple production runs. There are no single license agreements, there are many ways to make licenses work for you. The rewards for licensing artworks can be huge, so let`s take a closer look at how to get started. In the information age, it`s easier than ever to learn something new. In this article, we`ve shared several resources, both here on The Abundant Artist and on the website founded by tara, that will help you get started. Why not try the art license? Let us know how to do it! For the artist, the main objective of any licensing agreement is to obtain a fair and substantial advance and a high proportion of royalties.

A successful partnership between the licensor and the licensee is that the contract is mutually beneficial to both parties. Licensing International Expo is an independent trade fair. The Art Licensor must be in the "Art & Design" section of the exhibition. Art & Design consists of more than 250 exhibitors. While the Licensing Expo is mainly focused on characters, Art & Design exhibitors also show all kinds of licensed images. The rest of the ground floor of the showroom is occupied by what I call the entertainment and licensing giants – Viacom, Nickelodeon, Time Warner, Scholastic, American Greetings, etc. – and great representatives like United Media, Cop Corp and Art Impressions. The latest Harry Potter, Batman or animated film to retro revival characters such as Strawberry Shortcake or the famous SpongeBob SquarePants competes to attract the attention of participants. Another option is to visit a salon. One of the most well-known trade shows is Surtex, an annual trade show for the surface design industry.

According to Surtex`s website, Surtex is "the global sourcing destination for companies looking for unique art, designs, patterns and prints for commercial use on home textiles, paper products, bed and bathroom, lifestyle gift items, decoration, clothing, beauty, youth, trendy services and more." Surtex is visited by manufacturers, retailers, marketers and brand licensing companies. Whether an artist interested in developing their licensed clientele chooses to exhibit or simply participate, the networking opportunities for shows like Surtex are huge and extremely useful for the growth of a young "surface design" company. Surtex states that they are open to any artist with designs or patterns that can be used on finished products, including photographers, textile designers, illustrators, and art agents. If you authorize a physical work of art such as a painting on canvas or a single work, you must determine how payments are made during the term of the contract. When payments are split, you need to set certain dates. If there are additional fees associated with your license agreement, by . B, transport costs, deposits and damage costs, these must also be determined. In addition to royalties, you need to determine the amount of your advance. Also, be sure to indicate the date on which this payment is to be made. An agent takes a portion of your royalties and, in turn, takes care of the license for you. Typically, this can be 30-50% of gross royalties, but may also require you to pay other related costs and fees. Whether it`s my illustrations, drawings, or paintings, it`s basically "my stuff about their stuff," so licensing instead of selling my products to companies makes sense to me.

So, do it; then license it! An artist license agreement is formed when an artist gives a client permission to use their work by allowing them to purchase a license for advertising purposes. Read 3 min If you are a photographer, you may want to consider licensing your work to an art publisher. Most art publishers require exclusivity, but they will use their network to sell your work in the form of posters, calendars, prints, puzzles, and other wall decoration items. 5) By knowing how many times the company repeats the product in several subsequent production cycles, you can predict the long-term revenue that can be generated by the success of this license agreement. Are you an artist who wants to expand your reach, build your brand and make more money while keeping control of your works? Well, then licensing your art could be the way to go.. .

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