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Navy Reserve Ocs Requirements


If you are currently serving on active duty in a branch of the military, you will not be able to join the reserve until your current conscription expires. If you are currently serving in the Navy, you can apply for early release and transition to the Reserves through the Navy Veterans Program or NAVET. If you are a member of another military branch, transfer to the reserve as part of the Other Veterans Program or OSVET. To join the Navy Reserve, you must be a U.S. citizen between the ages of 18 and 39. If you plan to join the reserve as a registered member, you will need a high school diploma. To join as an officer, you will need a four-year university degree. All members of the Navy Reserve must participate in weekend exercises one weekend per month. Each weekend exercise consists of 16 hours of training. In addition, you must complete a two-week training once a year. In most cases, your exercises will take place in the Navy Reserve Unit, which is closest to you. Indoctrination and training of officer candidates for active service as Ensign, U.S.

Navy, Designation 1830, Special Service Officer Requirements (INTELLIGENCE (INTEL)) pursuant to Program Authorization 108A, signed April 13, 2019. If you have no previous military experience, you must meet all the basic requirements as well as additional requirements. You must pass a physical exam and pass, and your height must be between 60 and 80 inches. Participation in the Armed Forces Fitness Battery or ASVAB is another requirement if you have never served before. If you register as a member, you will attend a nine-week training camp. If you register as an officer, you must complete a 12-day Direct Commission Agent course. When you enlist in the Navy Reserve, you can serve your country while living your civilian life. You`ll get the best of both worlds without committing to a full-time military career. Since you can train at one of the hundreds of Navy reserve centers across the country, you can probably join without moving.

Navy reservists may leave any branch of the army or join the reserve without prior military experience. Foreign Language Skills: Certifiable foreign language skills and cultural background/expertise are highly desirable but not mandatory. Language proficiency claims must be supported by a valid Defence Language Proficiency Test (DLPT) or a Defence Language Proficiency Battery Test (DLAB) to measure the candidate`s ability to learn a foreign language. The Warrant Officer Program is open to all enlisted Naval personnel with the rank of Chief Petty Officer or higher who have served at least 12 years of service in the Navy. Warrant officers are superior for all registered chief masters and junior for all ensigns. Faizah Imani, educator, pastor and published author, has worked with clients such as Harrison House Author, Thomas Weeks III, Candle Of Prayer Company and Truth & Church Magazine. His file includes JaZaMM WebDesigns, deputy director of the high school band, district director for the Clarion Ledger and event coordinator for the Vicksburg Convention Center. Need more information? Fill out this form and recruiters will contact you about military career opportunities. Excellent information without obligation. Two- and four-year unsubsidized programs are also available. These are called college programs and provide monthly cash allowances only during the junior and senior years.

A naval officer must perform various tasks at sea, in the air and on land. Agents must be physically fit, at least 19 years of age, and U.S. citizens. For more information on the benefits of military education, visit the Education Center. When entering the Navy Reserve, there is always the possibility of deployment. Whether you are deployed or not depends on the professional specialties required for the service, as well as the necessary business units. All members of the reserve must be operational at all times. If you join the NAVET program, you can request a guaranteed postponement of deployment for the first two years you are on reserve. If you are a veteran planning to serve in the Navy Reserve, you must be able to complete 20 years of service before your 60th birthday. A Navy recruiter can perform the administrative processing and customize you for a uniform.

Provide the recruiter with a copy of your DD 214 form. Bootcamp is not required for those who join the NAVET or OSVET programs. The Limited Duty Officer Program is open to warrant officers with more than two years of service as mandates and to individuals who are masters with at least eight years of service in the navy. If qualified, they deserve a naval officer commission because of their high quality and experience in a specialty, but are limited to the tasks of that specialty. Experts from the direct commission in specific areas can obtain direct assignments as naval officers. Age: Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and under 42 years of age at the time of commissioning. The Navy Reserve Officers Training Corps program offers tuition and other financial benefits at more than 60 of the nation`s leading colleges and universities. Two- and four-year subsidized scholarships are offered. Participants also receive a monthly cash stipend. The Nuclear Propulsion Officer Candidate Program is designed for college juniors and seniors (and graduates up to age 31) who are pursuing a bachelor`s degree in physics, chemistry, mathematics, or an engineering discipline.

College graduates with a bachelor`s degree or higher may also be eligible for the program. The Navy`s only requirement is that the student maintain excellent grades in the required subjects and earn a degree. During the program, the student can enjoy many of the same benefits as those received by regular naval officers. After graduating from college, graduates begin their training to become naval officers at the Officer Candidate School (OCS) in Pensacola, Florida. Programs that lead to a commission as a naval officer include the Navy Reserve Officers Training Corps and the United States Naval Academy. There are also direct commissioning programs for other qualified candidates. The Aviation Officer Candidate (AOC) and Naval Flight Officer Candidate (NFOC) programs are for seniors and college graduates interested in becoming Navy pilots or flight officers. If qualified and accepted, they attend the Aviation Officer Candidate School in Pensacola. The U.S.

Naval Academy offers four years of basic training and leads to a bachelor`s degree and commission as an officer in the Marines or Marine Corps. Students receive a monthly salary while attending the Academy. Students must be single, have no children, and serve on active duty for at least five years after graduation, depending on subsequent education and designation. Admission to the Naval Academy is through the appointment of U.S. Senators, representatives, the President and Vice President of the United States, and the Secretary of the Navy. You must have at least a bachelor`s degree. You can apply for officer programs before you graduate and are already 17 years old. The main topics required vary depending on the agent`s area of expertise. .

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