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Postpartum Doula Contracts


Once you have asked me to act as a doula, I will provide the following services: * Postpartum doula prices are $30/hour for single births. Multiples require a minimum investment of 12 hours at $35/hour, for a total of $420. Some of our postpartum doulas offer overnight stays, also priced at $35/hour for at least 8 hours, a total of $280. Model postpartum doula contract — это контракт (или клиентское соглашение), предназначенный для тех, кто работает в послеродовой дуле. This postpartum doula contract template contains 3 documents that will be sent to you as Microsoft Word documents: a template version of the contract for customization and use with clients, a version of the contract with comments that tell you what information to include in each blank template, and an instruction sheet with information about this contract template has been prepared by lawyers from Wills and Wellness with the professional birth (me) to ensure that it is complete and offers you adequate legal protection. You just need to fill in the relevant information and it will be ready to go. This legal document was written by lawyers. While efforts have been made to ensure that it can be used anywhere in the United States, we recommend that all of your legal documents be reviewed by an attorney in your state. For more legal documents and information on starting and protecting your business, check out our building your birth Business._________________ Get a Physical Item tool._Toolkit.

Instead, these files are delivered as digital downloads once you complete the purchase. As this is a digital product, there is no refund. You are responsible for the legal documents reviewed by a lawyer in your state, and we assume no responsibility for the results obtained from the use of such material. By purchasing this product may or may not result, you acquire a commercial license for these materials. You can download and print files as many times as you want and use them with as many clients as you want. You may not publish, sell, or share these materials with someone who is not a customer. Earth Mama Empowered Birthing retains copyright in all materials. The postpartum doula fee is $30 per hour for single births and $35 per hour for multiples, with a minimum of twelve (12) hours. To secure your doula, simply return this completed agreement with a full payment of $360 or $420. You can pay more hours in advance if you prefer.

After prepaid hours, you and your doula directly agree on payment and service times. If you cancel after entering into this agreement, but before your 36th week of pregnancy, your expenses will be refunded, less a $50 advance fee, to compensate your postpartum doula for blocking your postpartum hours, which may result in other clients refusing. After 36 weeks, all fees are non-refundable. Please contact Emerge to check availability for your favorite doula. Download the template for my postpartum doula contract that I`ve created, edited, and used over the past decade. A postpartum doula is there to help a new family in the first few days and weeks after bringing a new baby home. .

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