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What Is Preference Number in Admission Form


Course Selection from 2022: Some bachelor`s degree programs from 2022 can only be added to your application in August 2021. We encourage you to choose at least one course to submit your application, and then come back later to review and change your preferences. In the past, some schools and local authorities applied a "first preference first" system. Admission authorities could give priority to those who had registered a school as their first choice on their application form. In practice, this meant that a child who lived a certain distance from a school but had made it his first choice could be offered a place above a child who lived closer but had listed it as his second choice. The same preference system was introduced to prevent admission authorities from giving higher priority to children who have designated a school as their first choice. This is especially important when the admission authority of a school is the school itself – for example, foundation schools where the governing body controls admission – because they are no longer able to select students based on where they classified the school. Some parents think that if they have a very clear first school choice, they should leave all their other options empty to show the admission authority how strong they feel. However, it`s important to list at least three options and, ideally, use all of your options. In some areas, about 50% of children miss their first choice of school, and if you only have one listed, your child could be placed in another school nearby that has room, regardless of your opinion about it.

It is important that your form includes at least one school and preferably more than you would consider a reasonable alternative to your first choice. Also, don`t be tempted to list the same school in each location on your application form. This will not be popular with the admission authority, and your application will only be counted once. Your chances of being selected for a course will not be reduced because you have placed it as a lower-order preference. Similarly, you will not be selected for a course simply because you entered that course as a higher-order preference. School admission regulations prohibited the first referral system. Regulators are now legally required to operate an "equal preference" system. This means that places are offered solely based on how well the children meet the admission criteria. Schools cannot favour children who have indicated school as their first choice, nor can they exclude those they have placed lower on their list. In fact, they aren`t even told where they`ve been ranked in your preference list. You can only get one offer per round, so you`ll have multiple offers to choose from after each round if you rearrange your preferences after each round.

The first on your list should be the course you`d most like to take, followed by your second, third, and fourth preferences, and so on. You can apply for the same course with multiple start dates, but each start date counts as a separate preference. Some courses have early closing dates. Check the latest course information via course search. In your bachelor`s degree application, you can select up to five course preferences. If you are a Grade 12 international applicant or are applying for postgraduate courses, you can choose up to six. If you are only interested in one course, enter only that course. Each institution will review your application separately and review your courses in the order in which you listed them. Therefore, you can get an offer at any establishment included in your application according to your highest preferences (if you are eligible and competitive enough). Whether you`re applying for an elementary or secondary school place for your child, it can be difficult to decide which schools to list on your application form, let alone the order in which you need to rank them. There are short periods before each round of bachelor`s degree offer where you cannot change your preferences in your application. If you are not selected for your first preference, you will be put on an equal footing with all other eligible candidates for your second preference and so on.


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